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The Future Comanche County Pet Resource Center

The Comanche County Pet Resource Center is being designed to meet the needs of a growing community. Traditional animal shelters were designed to house lost or relinquished pets for only a few days, not weeks at a time. Most animal shelters don't provide programs for families in need, community education programs or foster at home programs. The Comanche County Pet Resource Center is being designed to help our local shelters with the growing demand of community awareness and assistance.


As our community continues to grow, the animal shelters can't keep up with the influx of pets entering the shelters in Comanche County. The Comanche County Pet Resource Center has a mission to support local shelters and the pets in our community to keep pets at home and out of shelters.


This will be accomplished by providing the programs needed to assist our specific community needs, such as low cost veterinary care, feral spay/neuter programs, temporary foster families and supporting our military community. 

The Comanche County Pet Resource Center will be community based and we will encourage the community to get involved in keeping pets at home and providing assistance with families in need. 

Our community is already doing so much to support pets and families by volunteering with local pet rescue organizations, donating to animal care, providing pet food and supplies to families in need. The Comanche County Pet Resource Center is a way to give back to the community and our pets and families in need. Come join us. We will make a difference together.

The Adoption Center

The adoption center will be designed using an open floor plan that will allow for natural light, fresh air and open holding areas. The dog areas will have large kennels and open play areas so the dogs can be out of their kennels during the day. There will be open play areas where potential adopters can interact with the pets they are thinking about adding to their family.


The operational strategy for the adoption center will be to support and assist existing animal shelters by taking in the pets that are having trouble being adopted. These pets will come to the adoption center from local shelters where they will be fully vetted by our on staff veterinarian, they will be behavior tested and provided training if needed. The pets will then be adopted right away or sent to live with foster families if more support is needed before being adopted.


The adoption center will not replace our local animal shelters, but will support their needs by taking some of the burden of overcrowding in area shelters. 


The Veterinary Hospital

The veterinary clinic will have the mission of providing care for the pets living at the center. The clinic will also provide low cost veterinary care for families in need. Services provided will include low cost spay/neuter programs, feral spay/neuter programs, low cost vaccinations and microchips. The clinic will be a fully functional veterinary hospital with radiography and surgical capabilities, treatment and lab areas, isolation care, neonate nurseries and intensive care facilities. 

floor plan 2.png

The Facility Grounds

The facility grounds will have a managed dog park where staff and volunteers will oversee group dog play to unsure safe interactions with each play group. Staff and volunteers will ensure that all dogs coming into the park grounds are fully vaccinated and will be assessed to be sure the dogs coming into play groups are well mannered. Programs will be available to assist owner if their dog needs support with socialization. 

There will be dog walking paths that are maintained by facility staff and volunteers. The walking path will have a café and sitting areas so community members can enjoy the grounds, even if they don't own a dog. 

The walking paths with have agility equipment and other enrichment tools along the dog walking path. 

dog park.jpg
We Can't Do This Alone

We understand that this is a huge undertaking that will required funding and support through grants and donations. To be successful, we all have to work together.


City government, local animal rescue organizations, non-traditional animal support businesses and community members all need to be engaged. We can do this. Our community is ready. 

All drawings and designs are used for concept creation only and are used with permission from Franklin County Humane Society. Franklin County, Kentucky. USA

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