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Lost Pet Reunification 

Our organization is committed to sharing resources and knowledge to help roaming pets get home without having to enter the shelter system. 

Best Friends

The pet reunification program helps to prevent pets from getting lost, reunite lost pets with their families, and support pets from getting lost again. 

  • We believe that all lost or stray pets have someone who loves and cares for them

  • We strive to ensure that lost pets get home safely and quickly 

  • We build community partnerships because we know our community wants to help

  • We will work to develop a culture and community expectation that promotes lost pet unification 

  • We will involve dedicated volunteers to focus on reunification efforts

Lost Pet Reunification Program 

What to do if you've lost your pet

Check Your Immediate Neighborhood 

Most pets stay within a few blocks of their home

When you discover that your pet is missing, immediately check your neighborhood. Most pets stay within a few miles of their homes. 

  • Ask your neighbors, mail carriers, delivery drivers, etc. if they have seen your pet

  • Post fliers around your neighborhood with your pet's most current picture

  • Drive around your neighborhood within several blocks of your home looking for your lost pet


If  your pet is microchipped contact the microchip company. Be sure your information is current and report that your pet has been lost.

If you don't know if your pet has been microchipped you can contact the facility where you adopted your pet from and they can give you the information. If you're not sure if your pet's microchip has been registered, you can search the chip number. 

This number will also give you the microchip company's name and contact information so you can report your pet missing.

Post On Social Media Sites

Websites and Social Media Sites Where You Can Post Your Lost Pet

Comanche County Lost and Found Facebook Groups

Facebook Page Developed by Lawton Animal Welfare to help the Lawton community find pets that have found their way to the Lawton Shelter

Websites Where You Can Post Your Lost Pet
If You Think Your Pet Was Stolen

If you think there is a chance your pet is stolen, contact the police and fill out a report. Reports are great to have on file in the chance that you find someone who has your pet and they won't give it back. Make sure that you have pictures of your pet of as many angles as possible to help prove ownership.

The BEST proof of ownership is having your pet microchipped. If you see someone with your pet, the best thing to do is to call the police and provide them with as much evidence you can (pictures, license place, address) so they can handle the situation. 

Free private social network for your neighborhood community where you can post your missing pet to those who live in your area- extremely high success rate of reuniting missing pets

Animal Shelter

Check Your Local Animal Shelter

This list does not include shelters outside of Comanche County. It is a good idea to Google other city shelters in the surrounding area.


Please visit the shelters in person to look for your lost pet.

2104 SW 6th Street.

Lawton, Oklahoma 73501


Hwy 115 just south of the City of Cache

Cache, Oklahoma. 73527

580-429-3354 Option #5

Welch Road

Elgin, Oklahoma. 73538


Piute Street

Geronimo, Oklahoma. 


When You Find Your Pet
Black and White Kitten

When you find your pet, we ask that you consider having your pet microchipped as a means of permanent identification. This is a service that many shelters and veterinarians offer. 

Also, make sure your pet is always wearing a collar and ID tags. ID tags can include rabies or license tags, microchip tags, personal ID tags, etc. 

It is important to realize that only 5% of lost pets that are not wearing ID tags ever get reunited with their families. Please ID your pets. It is your pet's ticket home!

If You Found A Pet

Most lost pets are found within a mile of their homes and are 85% more likely to be reunited with their family within 24 hours if kept safe in the area. 

  • Don't assume the pet has been abandoned. A pet that has been lost for several days can quickly look as it's been missing for months

  • Talk to your neighbors

  • Post found pet fliers around the neighborhood where the pet was found

  • Check to see if the pet has a microchip. PetSmart, Petco, Petsense and local veterinarians can scan for a microchip

  • File a found pet report with local animal shelters

  • Use social media sites listed above to post the found pet

If you find a sick or injured pet, or you are unable to keep the lost pet safe, please bring the pet to your local animal shelter or call the dispatch numbers listed above to have the pet picked up by animal control officers. 

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