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About Comanche County Pet Resource Foundation

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A whole new world of animal care is within our reach. We are leaving the past behind to develop a new pet care program focused on keeping pets and their people together, at home.


We are joining a growing national movement to transform animal care services through programs and services built to support people and pets within our community. The backbone of this initiative is bringing the animal welfare world and our community partners together to support the bond of people and their pets. 

Come join us. Every person makes a difference every day. What difference will you make? 

Our Mission

To promote and provide the resources, education and programs needed to keep pets at home with the people who love them.

Our Vision

A community where there is collective responsibility to care for pets. Every person has equitable access to and is actively engaged in helping pets in need, and the relationships between pets and people are supported by government and non-profit organizations within and outside of pet welfare.

The Comanche County Pet Resource Foundation is being developed with a focus on changing the way our community cares for pets and their people. This will be accomplished by developing programs to support pets in need, delivering community education programs, assisting existing animal welfare organizations and building a Pet Resource Center that our Community can be proud of. 

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