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Pet 66 Program

Partnering Shelter Pets With Veterans in Need

The Pets 66 program is the newest program to be developed within the Comanche County Pet Resource Foundation. We bring Veterans together with rescue dogs to help both Veterans and their pets recover from trauma. The dogs who come into our program are struggling with a traumatic life event, whether it's a physical injury or mental crisis.

We provide training and support for the dog, and then match the dog with a Veteran to continue the training and support that each need to move forward in life. 

The Pet 66 program supports the matched pair throughout the life of the team, including training and veterinary care. 

The Pet 66 program is funded by community donations and grants. There is no cost to our veterans for the life of the dog/Veteran team.  Fees for this program will be waived for any US Veteran who meets ONE the following requirements.

Veterans shall present one of the following documents at the time of the placement interview:

  • Veteran identification card​

  • State issued license with a veteran designation

  • Form DD214 military discharge certificate

  • Honorable discharge certificate

  • Letter from the US Military Center 

  • Letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs Services and Benefits Program 

Our Dogs in Training



Breed: Terrier Cross

Age: 1-2 Years

Rocket was found as a stray and brought to the Cache Animal Shelter. Rocket is a very sweet dog with lots of personality. He has great manners and loves to play. Rocket is ready for his new home and will be a great best pal, 



Breed: Pointer Cross

Age: 1 Year

Boomer came to the Foundation from Cache Animal Welfare. Boomer had a dislocated hip that didn't get medical attention in time for his hip to heal properly. Boomer had part of his upper leg removed and has spent 10 weeks on strict crate rest. Boomer is now healed enough to begin his basic training. 

Boomer is a shy dog who will need support and guidance to show him that this world we live in isn't so scary. Boomer needs to heal his mind and his body. Boomer is a very sweet, affectionate dog who would love to meet you and become your best friend. 


Breed: Pit Bull Cross

Age: 1 Year

Flash came to us from the Cache Animal Shelter as stray. This is a very fun dog who loves to play, go on runs and hang out with his buddies. Flash will make a great running, hiking and an overall excellent pal for an active handler/family member. Flash is working on his basic manners and is ready to find his sidekick in life. 



Breed: Super Mutt

Age: 1 Year

Oliver was picked up by Cache Animal Control after he was hit by a car on Hwy 62. Oliver has a broken leg that will need to heal. Oliver is not having splints and casts on his leg, so we will be exploring other options for his healing process.

Oliver is always in a good mood! He smiles when anyone comes to visit him, even right after he was hit and in significant pain. He is the sweetest soul.

Oliver is new here and we are still exploring the best options for his broken leg. He will be ready for his training when his leg has been properly cared for. 

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